Wind whispers

18 November 2020
EPISODE 71 // Go Kiss an Orc (Chapter 2) [Remix]


🎧 In this FilkCast Eric plays the new single Go Kiss an Orc (Chapter 2) [Remix]. FilkCast is a podcast from the US with beautiful & fun Filk Music (fantasy & science fiction inspired music) by Eric Coleman, who have included several of my songs by now. đŸŽ¶đŸ‘‘âš”ïž

Apart from making podcasts Eric also create filk music in his band Chesire Moon.

FilkCast Episode 71


2 November 2020
NEWS //  Go Kiss an Orc (Chapter 2) [Remix]

Zero Music Magazine

“Josefin Berger offers eighties-inspired synth loops, modern production and vibes of Kate Bush in the song. As well as one of the most creative insult phrases in the history of pop music: ‘Go Kiss An Orc’. Too interesting to miss!” (Teaser for the article on Zero Music Magazine’s Facebook page, my translation.)

Full article (in Swedish)

Tolkieninspirerad elektronisk “fantasypop” frĂ„n Josefin Berger


11 September 2020
VIDEO OF THE DAY //  Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 1


The blend of musical genres, a tongue-in-cheek treatment of high fantasy, and the Berger’s clear, liquid-smooth yet crystal-sharp voice come together to create something that even the most battle-hardened orc would have fun dancing to.

Full article