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I Wish


I WROTE I Wish when a person close to me faced a time of great darkness. Maybe you or someone you know are having difficulties in life right now – then this song is for you too.💗

Music, lyrics, piano & song: Josefin Berger. Rikard Peson Petersson – electric guitar, Daniel Sterner – synth & choir, Simon Welander Martinsen – drums.

Master: Sebastian Persson. Mix: Andreas Svedén & Sebastian Persson. Recording: Andreas Svedén, Sebastian Persson, Johan Tull, Alfons Hasselberg, Jakob Wojenko, Asad Mariwan. Recorded at Recordia.

Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue

electronic Pop fantasy music | Remix: Eanan

THE SONG is inspired by Kate Bush, an insult and The Lord of the Rings. But why does the remix come before the original version, you may ask yourself. Well, every good story needs a sparkling prologue, doesn’t it?

Remix: Eanan. Music, lyrics, piano & song: Josefin Berger.


Before It Was, It Was Dreaming

Epic dream pop that soothes your soul and carries you to a wonderland <3

WITH LYRICS about secret friends, singing trees, dancin’ fairies, true love & and an infinite dragon universe this EP will take you off to another land.  Relaxing music for you who love fairy tales & fantasy.

Lyrics, music, song and piano: Josefin Berger. Violin, string arrangements and harmony singing: Camilla Hedner. Producer: Marcus Larsson.

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Music Videos

This lovely music video to my song Poem of Love is crafted by my dear friend Diana Rönnberg.

Waiting on an angel is written by Ben Harper. You are welcome to download my version of it for free here! Video created by me.

Follow the fairy?

It’s for really adventurous people to follow in my footsteps, because I might cast a magic spell on you (or two) – and it might change your life forever, for better or for worse, who knows?

Well, but try it out if you have the guts to!:) You can follow me at Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud & Twitter.