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WELCOME TO BOOK enchanting music for your forest party, festival, spiritual gathering, café, fantasy event, club, wedding, castle or tree house, etc!

When performing live I bring with me a couple of musicians and harmony singers from the forest. Curious now?:) Well, it probably will be some of those lovelies that will accompany me.

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Let me know your budget and we’ll work something out.

Home Town

We travel from Gothenburg in Sweden.

Constellations for a performance

When performing live I bring with me a couple of musicians and harmony singers from the forest. I’d love to bring them all, because the more, the merrier! But I can also come with 2 or 1 – or alone, if you’re on a smaller fairy tale budget.

Moi, Josefin Berger (The Fairy) I sing and play the piano.

Hästekasen 1st music festival 2018
At Hästekasen music festival 2018 together with Patrik Deijenstedt and my sister.

Some of the musicians I play live with at the moment:

Daniel Sterner (Cool Inventor) – Synth/sound effects + Harmony singing.

Ivonne Pinto Moskog (Ray of Sunshine) – Viola & Harmony singing.

Karin Rosenberg (Sailboat Lover & part of duo Rosenberg & Eng) – Irish bouzouki + Guitar + Harmony singing.



If you have a piano that’s awesome! But otherwise I can bring my own. I have a Nord electronic piano & also a smaller one that run on batteries.


* Songs written by Josefin Berger the fairy*

A performance with my original fairy tale songs about fairies, dragons, singing trees, secret friends, miracles, love and magic adventures.

Below a video with some nice short music clips (LIVE & Studio Recordings).

Listen to more of my songs.

* Fairy Tale Wedding *

Magic music for your magic day. Performances can be made at the wedding ceremony and/or at the wedding party after the ceremony.

More information and song examples.

* Waiting on an Angel *

A performance with a delicate mix of known angel songs written by other people and fairy tale songs written by me.

Above the song Waiting on an angel. Listen to more angel songs.

Gothenburg & Orust

I live in Sweden, Gothenburg and in a small cottage on Orust surrounded by old trees and mountains, and gladly travel to other forests and cities.

Svartvit bild på en vacker skog
The old fairy tale forest at the cottage is inhabited by fairies and other magic creatures.

Hope to see you soon! <3 / Josefin