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WELCOME TO BOOK enchanting music for your forest party, festival, spiritual gathering, café, fantasy event, club, wedding, castle or tree house, etc!

When performing live I can bring with me a couple of musicians and harmony singers from the forest. Curious now?:) Well, it probably will be some of those lovelies that will accompany me.

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Let me know your budget and we’ll work something out.

Home Town

We travel from Gothenburg in Sweden.

Constellations for a performance

When performing live I bring with me a couple of musicians and harmony singers from the forest. I’d love to bring them all, because each person & each instrument really enhance my songs.  But I can also come with 2 or 1 – or alone, if you’re on a smaller fairy tale budget.

Moi, Josefin Berger (The Fairy) I sing and play the piano.

Josefin The Fairy and an Orc
At Hemjorden Yoga & music festival 2019.

Some of the musicians I play live with at the moment:

Rikard Petersson – Electric guitar.

Daniel Sterner – Synth/sound effects + harmony singing.

Karl Wictorin – Drums, medieval percussion, electronic percussion, recorder flute (sv: blockflöjt), bass, guitar.



If you have a piano that’s awesome! But otherwise I can bring my own. I have a Nord electronic piano & also a little smaller one that runs on batteries.


Svartvit bild på en vacker skog
I regularly visit the secret forests to spend time with my fairy friends and other magic creatures living there.

Hope to see you soon! <3 / Josefin