The Dragon Princess • Part 2

Will he ever meet my needs?

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess living in a tree house together with her handsome prince 

It was Saturday morning in the tree house and the princess walked out to the balcony and sat down in the sun. The prince was already there with his daily newspaper and a cup of coffee. Behind him was the The Great Deep Forest, and the leaves of the trees where glowing in the morning light.

– God morning my prince, she said and smiled.

– Good morning my princess, the prince said and smiled back.

– Have you slept well? asked the princess.

– Like a prince!

– Good to hear.

– Did you also sleep well my dear?

– Yes, like a princess! But, I had a strange dream … it was something about a dragon, and a … a black witch I think … maybe it was several witches …

– I see, I see, muttered the prince.

He pulled the newspaper to himself and looked at the headlines. Tried to concentrate and continue where he was interrupted – the article had said something important. What was it? He was after all soon to be king and needed to know what was going on in the kingdom.

– Okay, you want to read I guess? said the princess and couldn’t hide her disappointment.

– Yes, the coffee gets cold.

– But do you always have to read when you drink your coffee? Can’t we talk with each other once in a while? Today we are free from our duties. We never talk.

The prince looked silently at his cup. Then he said:

– Yesterday we talked.

– Yes, but that doesn’t count, I mean real talk, to sit opposite to each other, look each other in the eyes and talk a long time. Not just small shit shat when passing by each other.

– Can I please drink my coffee now? It gets cold, said the prince irritated.

– Sure! Well, drink your bloody coffee then! exploded the princess and stormed out.

Once outside she stopped and hesitated. Then she stomped back in and took all the long knives from the knife block. With a jerk she put them down in the short, overcrowded cutlery set (in swedish: bestickstället). With black eyes she met the prince’s gaze, and with a voice that made the whole treehouse tremble she screamed:

Very angry dragon princess

– Now I put all the knives in the cutlery set where you don’t want them! See, it’s not fair that only you get what you want! I meet your needs most of the time, I really try to – but you, you say no to everything I ask! All the time!

From the princess mouth came a fire flame that licked the tree house’s ceiling and burned up the ceiling light (in Swedish: taklampan). Then she ran outside and slapped the door behind her, with a crash that echoed in the whole Great Deep Forest.

The prince sat unhappy at the balcony with a frown on his head. He looked at the lamp that hung in the ceiling, sad and char (in Swedish: förkolnad). “We will have to get another one. Again. When will she stop burning the furniture?” he thought for himself.

Well, one thing he needn’t ponder more was her kind of family tree. He had got himself a princess with dragon heritage, that was for sure.

He had not believed her when she said that in the beginning: that her family consisted of powerful dragons. At that time it seemed quite funny to him – a cute little girl like her, raised by dragons! But, well, now he had seen that dragon temper and fire flames of hers in action many, many times. And he believed her.

The Princess together with a Black Dragon

It was a good thing to know, if they one day would marry. But well, that was a very big decision. It needed to be when the time was right. When he was ready. And she was less angry.

The prince continued to read the article and drink his coffee.

Meanwhile the princess had started to walk away from the tree house, and into The Great Deep Forest to meet with the Wise Tree. It was rooted next to the Black Lake, on the top of a hill, surrounded by old firs (in Swedish: granar), and small fairy houses.

But the princess was too upset to be able to see or hear the fairies now. Her body shivered, her heart hurt. She felt heavy and tired. The princess sat down next to the Wise Tree on a cold stone. A tear left her eye and landed on the soft, green moss.

– Will my prince ever meet my needs? Does he really love me? she asked the Wise Tree.

– My dearest princess … take a deep breath, relax, and I will tell you what you need to know, sang the Wise Tree with a beautiful, soft voice.

—> To be continued!

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