The Dragon Princess • Part 1

The magnificent tree house

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess living in a tree house together with her handsome prince 

The tree house was situated in The Great Deep Forest, and was built by one of the most magnificent trees from it. The house was painted in a grey-blue colour that worked well together with the proud, green tree crown that enclosed the house. Inside it was oh so tastefully decorated, and vibrant roses and beautiful meadow flowers stood here and there in vases.

When it was hot outside the princess asked the tree to open it’s crown to let the wind in. At nighttime those days the prince and the princess could see the stars in the sky above them from their bedroom. If it started to rain when the couple had fallen asleep, the tree enclosed it’s crown above them and let it’s leafs protect them, since it was a very wise, old, tree.

In the tree house there was a self-baking oven that cooked the most yummy dishes ever imagined. Cooking had never been a strength of the princess, she found it tremendously dull to chop onions and stir around in pots and everything else you do in a kitchen, so she got the magic oven as a gift from her mother-in-law Beatrice that was afraid that her son was starving.

The mother-in-law didn’t really have any reason to worry, because the prince was in fact himself an excellent cook. But Beatrice ignored this because she thought that it was simply not appropriate for a prince to be in a kitchen.

The prince had a blast in the kitchen and often cooked for himself, even though he could get anything he wanted from the self-baking oven. But both the prince and the princess where wildly happy with the oven because the princess didn’t have to ask the prince one more time to prepare one of her three favorite dishes (he had cooked them a thousand times), and the prince could experiment freely in the kitchen and cook exactly as weird dishes as he wanted.

The princess sometimes tasted them, and sometimes she only smelled, usually followed by a frown on her cute little nose.

The prince could cook the most delicious dishes, but his curiosity made him want to taste everything! Frog legs together with caviar, nut cream, seaweed and pine needle (in Swedish: tallbarr) was one of his latest compositions. He was very happy with the outcome.

The princess had given the prince dish a glance, and then asked the oven to make her one of her favorite dishes: pizza with mushrooms and fresh oregano.

Illustration: Josefin Berger

Everything in the tree house was really beautiful and fine, was it not? Except that the prince seemed to have an unusually frowned forehead. And quite often, there was a silent soreness living in him.

The princess on her hand was really happy and carefree, was she not? Laughing away with the birds and their silly jokes at day times. But at night she sang sad songs for the stars. Why, you might wonder? And why was the cute princess called The Dragon Princess?

—> To be continued!

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