Fairies, dragons, singing trees and secret friends …

Warmly welcome to the forgotten fairy tale land. A place with trolls and dragons. Beauty and magic. Deep forests with witches and long lost secrets. And who am I? I am the music fairy in the forgotten fairy tale land. My songs can heal a listeners broken heart and make one of their most wanted dreams come true.

OH, WELL, that sounds great! Where to find me, you might wonder now? Well, starry nights you can hear me sing in the fairy forest, close to the alder tree at the Fairy Glade.

Don’t ask the old owls in the forest for direction, trust me, they Don’t know the way, whatever they say. There are some signs with directions in the forest but Don’t follow them, they’re practical jokes made by the white rabbits (I know, they have their own sense of humor:). You simply need to follow your intuition to find me.

I hope to see you soon! <3

Josefin Berger with fairy wings


Before It Was, It Was Dreaming (EP)

Epic dream pop that soothes your soul and carries you to a wonderland <3

Lyrics, music, lead song, harmony singing and piano: Josefin Berger. Violin, string arrangements and harmony singing: Camilla Hedner. Producer: Marcus Larsson.

BEWARE! If you play this EP your most loved one will be drawn into the fairy tale world of it instantly and maybe never come back. But IF he (or she) comes back, you will know that Nothing ever can tear you apart and that you’re truly meant to be together. It’s really up to you. The safe way is not to play it – and many people so far are playing it safe (as you can see). But the daring way is to play it … Do you want to live dull and grey or do you want to go on a magic adventure?

The EP ”Before it Was, It Was Dreaming” contains the songs:
1. The Dragon Leaf
2. Secret Garden
3. Poem of Love

The EP can be found in the blue magic trees behind the fairy valley, and on:

Tidal (in FLAC, lossless compression)
etc …

If you are a really old troll you probably prefer to play it on an old fashioned CD player.

Love created life

The video is made by Diana Rönnberg. Lover boy: Björn Persson.

Free demo downloads

Endings and New beginnings
– The Time has come …

Josefin Berger in a pink Fairy Tale Forest
A new dawn.

THE WIND AND THE STARS are now for the first time in many years inspiring me again to write new songs. I hope my new songs will be ready and properly recorded as soon as the moon flies to the east. That would be REALLY nice!

I finished the lyrics, chords and melody for my first new song since 2009 recently, in May 2018. Now I’m working with two producers to record it into two different versions – and I feel that there are many more songs that wants to be written by me.

I have now also started to play my own songs live! Welcome to book enchanting music for your forest party, festival, spiritual gathering, café, fantasy event, club, wedding, castle or tree house, etc! <3

At Hästekasen 1st Music Festival, 24th June 2018.

Follow the fairy?

It’s for really adventurous people to follow in my foot steps, because I might cast a magic spell on you (or two) – and it might change your life forever, for better or for worse, who knows?

Well, but try it out if you have the guts to!:) You can follow me at Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, SoundCloud and Spotify.