Fairies, dragons, singing trees and secret friends …

Have you listened to my Newest single YET?

It’s called Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue (FT Eanan, Remix). If that title made you oh so very curious you can just skip this intro and fly over to the music section and read all about it.

Warmly welcome to the hidden fairy tale land

A place with trolls and dragons. Beauty and magic! Deep forests with witches and long lost secrets. And who am I, you might wonder? I am the music fairy in the forgotten fairy tale land. My songs can heal a listeners broken heart and make one of their most wanted dreams come true.

OH, WELL, that sounds great! Where to find me, you might wonder now? Well, starry nights you can hear me sing in the fairy forest, close to the alder tree at the Fairy Glade.

Josefin Berger as an elf queen in the forest

Don’t ask the old owls in the forest for direction, trust me, they Don’t know the way, whatever they say. There are some signs with directions in the forest but Don’t follow them, they’re practical jokes made by the white rabbits (I know, they have their own sense of humor:). You simply need to follow your intuition to find me.

Portrait of Josefin Berger Elf Queen in the forest



Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue

electronic Pop fantasy music | Remix: Eanan

The song is inspired by Kate Bush, an insult and The Lord of the Rings. But why does the remix come before the original version, you may ask yourself. Well, every good story needs a sparkling prologue, doesn’t it? Remix: Eanan. (Horisonten’s new name). Music, lyrics, piano & song: Josefin Berger.


Before It Was, It Was Dreaming

Epic dream pop that soothes your soul and carries you to a wonderland <3

WITH lyrics about secret friends, singing trees, dancin’ fairies, true love & an infinite dragon universe this EP will take you off to another land.  The arrangements contain piano, violin & harmony singing. Relaxing music for you who love fairy tales & fantasy.



The EP Can also be found in the blue magic trees behind the fairy valley, if you happen to come by!

Before it Was, It Was Dreaming (EP)

1. The Dragon Leaf
2. Secret Garden
3. Poem of Love

Lyrics, music, lead song, harmony singing and piano: Josefin Berger. Violin, string arrangements and harmony singing: Camilla Hedner. Producer: Marcus Larsson.

If you are a really old troll you probably prefer to play it on an old fashioned CD player.

Love created life

This lovely music video to my song Poem of Love is crafted by Diana Rönnberg.

Endings and New beginnings
– The Time has come …

Josefin Berger Elf Queen in the forest

THE WIND AND THE STARS are now inspiring me again to write new songs. There was a long pause – for a decade – but now I think they will always whisper to me.

2018 I finished the lyrics, chords and melody for my first three new songs since 2009, they’re called Go Kiss an Orc, The Fairy Lake & My Angels I Pray to You. In 2019 I wrote one new song – My True Love is The Darkness.

Go Kiss an Orc is recorded in many different versions by different producers. The first version of Go Kiss an Orc is now released! It’s produced by Eanan. And our version is called: Go Kiss an Orc – Prologue (FT Eanan, Remix).

New music releases

More music will be released in the spring of 2020. “Go Kiss an Orc – Chapter 1”  with video is coming (finally;) and also a really nice recording of my song I Wish! I wrote that song about 10 years ago and I feel so happy to now have a beautiful recording with it.

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Go Kiss an Orc – a story with many chapters

Are you a producer and want to make your own version of my song Go Kiss an Orc? Contact me! The more various beautiful and/or crazy versions of that song in different music genres – the more fun! 🙂

Spread the word

As all fairies I have been singing all of my life. Still you might not have heard of me, because I swept an invisibility cloak over me and my songs when I was younger. Now the time has come to take off that cloak and to let the wind spread the word about my name.

If you love my music and would like to help me with my quest I owe you my greatest thanks! And I would be happy to return the favor anyway I can. Let me know how I can help you and we’ll make a sweet little deal.

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My email: howdy (at) josefinberger.se


I am also looking for long term business collaborations with people that can help me reach my listeners, both live and online.  If you’re interested, email me at howdy (at) josefinberger.se. Let’s meet up for a FIKA and see what happens!

May your days of the splendid new decade 2020 be filled with love, creativity & magic. <3 / Josefin

With Rikard Petersson & Daniel Sterner at Frölunda Kulturhus September 2019.

Follow the fairy?

It’s for really adventurous people to follow in my footsteps, because I might cast a magic spell on you (or two) – and it might change your life forever, for better or for worse, who knows?

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Nedsläckt land – a “prepper” TV serie in Sweden

PS. Yes! I am one of the participants of Nedsläckt land, a Swedish TV experiment that shows what happens in society if the electricity goes down. Clue: kind of everything stops working! Conclusion: be prepared – be a prepper.