Fairies, dragons, singing trees and secret friends …

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Warmly welcome to the hidden fairy tale land. A place with trolls and dragons, beauty and magic! Deep forests with witches and long lost secrets. And who am I, you might wonder? I am the music fairy in the forgotten fairy tale land.

NEW SINGLE! My song “I Wish” a, dream pop ballad, will be released 12 June 2020!  Follow me on Spotify to get it on your Release Radar.

OH, WELL, that sounds great! Where to find me, you might wonder now? Well, starry nights you can hear me sing in the fairy forest, close to the alder tree at the Fairy Glade.

Don’t ask the old owls in the forest for direction, trust me, they Don’t know the way, whatever they say. There are some signs with directions in the forest but Don’t follow them, they’re practical jokes made by the white rabbits (I know, they have their own sense of humor:).

You simply need to follow my voice to find me …